He is the center. He is the ALL. | Just look.

Sweater weather has arrived. Scarves now wrap my neck with warmth. I love this time of year. Something about it makes me more contemplative. I desire to sit and think deeply, to paint a picture, or to write a story. I want to hold my warm coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to my face and talk with friends about the things that really matter. And this morning, I was able to do that with two of my Sisters. It was delightful.

Our conversation was centered on What Really Matters – Christ. We were reminded that He is the center, and the ALL. He is about Himself. And we are about Him too. We wondered what the world would be like if everyone knew from childhood that what they are about… is Him. It changes everything.

It’s all about Him. It’s all about Christ. And I don’t just mean that He is the only thing that matters. It’s bigger than that. Much bigger. I mean everything… EVERYTHING … is about Him. It all points to Him. It all comes from Him. It all exists in Him. He is the center. He is the ALL.

I came home and spent some time looking over a blog that is new to me called Modern Reject. I’m digging it so far. On it, I came across a post titled “True and Better Jesus” with a great video reminding us that all of Scripture is about Christ. All of it.


I think I’ve “known” these things for a long time in my mind. But I’m now learning to KNOW it deeper, in my spirit — where I suppose I knew it already but I just didn’t know it. (This gets confusing.) Put a little more simply, I’m learning to see EVERYTHING through the lens of Christ. It’s a crazy beautiful world when you learn to see Christ in it ALL…

Just look.