a dancing gummy bear

It’s been over two months since I posted here. In that time, I’ve also mostly disappeared from twitter and just basically been quiet. My mom has come to my blog to see if I’ve made an appearance, almost every day. I doubt anyone else has checked for updates nearly that frequently, but for anyone who has noticed my absence, HERE I AM!!! Sorry, I’ve kept you waiting.

At first, the lack of posting was due to putting more time into some other projects. Eventually though, I had to put those on the shelf for a few weeks too. I was tired. I started feeling nauseous off and on every day. I fell asleep at weird times, a lot. I spent a lot of time on the couch, drinking ginger-ale, and eating crackers.

It’s apparently a lot of work to grow a human being inside of you.

Yep. We’re having a baby, expected to arrive sometime around May 14th. Now that I’ve hit the 12 week mark (and I’m having to try to hide my growing stomach in pictures that may find their way to Facebook), we figured it was time to let everyone in the loop. :)

In the last couple of weeks, my energy level has been on the rise – heading more towards normal. [YAY! ] I’m not going to promise a sudden influx of writing here, but there’s a much better chance now that I’ll write again before another two months passes us by. We’ll see though…

For those who love this kind of thing, here’s a picture of our little person taken about 3 weeks ago – when it was the size of an olive. It’s now the size of a large plum, or so the books and apps tell me.


Jon described her/him as a dancing gummy bear. It was very active, most of the time we were watching it – waving it’s little tiny arms around. (And yes, I called our baby an “it”… it’s just easier than saying him/her over and over.)

{For those of you who are overwhelmed by a constant baby announcements in your Facebook feed, I’ll do my best no to be too crazy about it…}

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