I wonder now if we seemed more like this…

When I was a kid, I liked to make my brother play INTERVIEW. It’s a common game for children, right?

We’d put on dress up clothes. He’d sit down behind a pretend desk. He’d call my pretend name. I’d come in the room. We’d introduce ourselves to each other. He’d ask me questions.

“That’s not a good question.”
“I’m asking the questions.”
“Ask questions about my other jobs…”
“Don’t tell me what to do!!”

He’d tell me he had some more interviews to do but he would let me know when he made a decision. I’d go into the closet and change into DIFFERENT dress up clothes. He’d call my next pretend name. We’d do this many times. He’d make a decision about who to hire. I’d put those clothes back on and re-enter the room.

“Congratulations! You got the job!”
“Oh! Thank you! I’m so excited to work for you!” 

At the time, I thought we were acting very ADULT. But, I wonder now if we seemed more like this…


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