I love watching our family grow! // Ben and Erica

Baby Benny

When I was 3 1/2 years old, I became a big sister to a little brother. I’d hoped for a little sister and upon finding out that he was a brother I said, “I’ll love him, but I’m not gonna like him.” I quickly realized that I did actually both love AND like the little guy! But then he got older and more mean, and that statement became true sometimes. Apparently though, I wasn’t always nice to him either – or so he claims. But, whether we liked each other at the time or not, I was always attempting to take care of him (whether he wanted me to or not). It was my job as a big sister!

At some point – probably about the time I left for college, I’d say we became friends! (He would not say that, as both my brothers have informed me countless times that sisters are sisters and NOT friends. I, however, disagree.)

Eventually, I’m pretty sure he forgot that he was my LITTLE brother and started acting more like an OLDER brother. I think for a while he was afraid he’d have to take care of me forever, as he figured I would NEVER get married. But then I DID get married! And he (along with the littlest brother we share), walked me down the aisle.

Brothers walk

In four days, he’ll be waiting at the end of another aisle for his bride. She’s delightful! And perfect for him! I’ll finally, officially, get that sister I wanted. Thanks, Ben! ;)

Ben and Erica

Ben and Erica have been together for several years now, and she’s already a part of our family! But, I’m excited that it will now be “official!” And I know that they are too!

Jon and I are flying to CA tomorrow to celebrate these two! I love seeing my not-so-little brother happy, and so grown up! And I love watching our family grow! 


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