put that sucker down // street art



Art is awesome. I love to look at it, just as much as I love to make it. When I grow up, I want to be a street artist with my littlest (but much taller than me) brother. I’ll probably be HIS sidekick. And it will be a BLAST. (It’s always good to start a conversation with a tangent… )

Recently, while perusing the interwebs, I came across this lovely specimen of street art and was immediately filled with delight.
(It’s in Svartlamoen, Trondheim. $5 to anyone who knows where that is without looking it up!) 

I found myself reflecting on this question: Am I the man with the umbrella, anxiously hiding from the colorful drips surrounding him OR the child with arms lifted in joyful surrender to the circumstances, allowing refreshment to soak in?

Sometimes, I choose the ways of the umbrella… but oh the joy that comes when I put that sucker down, throw up my arms, lift my face to the sky, and bask in the glory of whatever is pouring down.

Click here for a closer look and a glimpse at the process of creating this piece.

Thanks, Skurktur.


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