Our Story | Part 4

This is Part 4 in a series of posts of Our Story and how the Lord brought Jon and I together. If you missed the previous posts you’ll find them here: Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

I was so nervous preparing to visit Nashville and see Jon. I had no idea if we were going to have an awesome time together, not really hang out, or – worst case scenario – have an awkward, China part 2. My dear friend Lindsay gave me a pep talk, “Just don’t be weird. If you’re not weird, he won’t be weird.” That was my goal.

Jon: I was also really nervous about Shanda coming, fearing that it might be really awkward.

He picked me up at the airport and we went out to dinner and coffee and had GREAT conversation. It wasn’t awkward! It was quite fun! We ended up spending a lot of time together over the days I was in town and, by the end of it, I was certainly wondering if this just might not be over.

Jon: I was happily surprised that the time we spent together was opposite of how things went in China. A lot of that had to do with there being no expectations or pressure during this time and that allowed us to relax.

Visiting with the Body/church here was incredible. I was able to start getting to know a lot of the people and I was so excited by the way they expressed Christ. It felt like home and I knew I belonged here! I could talk a lot about that aspect of it, but that’s a story for another time.

The day I was leaving to head back to CA I told Jon that I THOUGHT I’d be moving here but would need to figure out a plan. A few days later, we had another conversation in which he asked more about what I was thinking and I told him, “I KNOW I am moving to Nashville. I need a car and a lot of other stuff to work out, but I know this is what the Lord has for me.”

[Click here for Part 5, which will wrap up Our Story.]


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