Well, hello there! // a numbered list of 10 random ramblings

Well, hello there!
I know. You thought I disappeared, forever.
It seems a case of writer’s block has, once again, made itself comfortable here. I’m okay with that, actually, but ready for it to end.
I cannot believe that January only has 10 days left in it and I’ve yet to write thoughts for the new year or reflections on the last.
I know that there are (a few) people out there eagerly awaiting Part 4 of Our Story, which I INTEND to post this week.
But today, I shall simply ramble about whatever comes to mind in a numbered list sort of fashion, starting now…

1. A year ago today, I was in CA packing the few belongings I had left in the world and preparing to make the journey move to TN. I left CA on January 29th. I drove the two-day trek to Dallas, stayed there for a couple of days visiting good friends, and then continued on to Nashville.
2. It’s crazy that Nashville has been my home for almost a year now (February 2nd). It’s also crazy that I’ve ONLY been here for (not even) a year.
3. AND if ANYTHING is crazy, it’s certainly INSANE that I’ve been married for over 4 months!!!!
4. Miracles. Happen. :)
5. I’ve been thinking about Christ as our Refuge for weeks now. The truth and reality of Him as such is stuck in the forefront of my mind and spirit. So, I looked the word up today. It means protection, shelter, relief, harbor, and retreat… among other things. Christ is Harbor. The place we dock and unload and stay. He’s home. Christ is Retreat. The place we go when we need to get away from it all. I’m going to stop and dwell on that beauty for a bit… You?

6. Last year I wrote 12 things I wanted/needed to do in 2012. Here’s how it went: no, yes, almost, some, if averaged – way more than yes, yes – mostly, nope, yes, yes, nope – none, yes – I think so, nope – maybe this year?
7. I wonder what I’ll look like if I live to be a hundred years old.
8. When I was a kid, koalas were my favorite animal. I have no idea why. There’s just something about them… And there’s something about this video that I find extremely moving and inspiring:

9. Who’s excited about 2013?! 
10. Read any good books lately? Do share!


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