trees | perceive Him

I love trees. I always have. And as a girl who grew up in San Diego, where the weather is beautiful – almost always – but there are really not SEASONS, I have so thoroughly enjoyed living in Nashville, where AUTUMN happens.

Today I would like to share two videos with you. As you watch them, see if you can see Christ in them. I don’t mean the strange kind of “Jesus’ face is in my tortilla!” visions of him, but rather that He is clearly perceived in the things that He has made (Romans 1).

So here you go. Perceive Him! :)


3 thoughts on “trees | perceive Him

  1. Awesome. Fall contrasts the organic and the institution. I’m always astonished how Jesus loves variety. Even in fall when trees “hibernate” Jesus does it in style! Makes you look forward to Spring when everything comes to life again. But the variety can’t be trumped. We as the crown of creation, created in His image have the same mind boggling variety not just in appearance, but also in personality.
    Thank you. God bless you.

  2. This is stunning sister. A couple of aspects of Christ’s life jumped out at me. First, I am marveling that something that began as small as a little seed has become something that is 27 feet in diameter, and 247 feet tall! This is simply what we can see above the ground! The roots for such a tree are probably just as big. It’s really hard to fathom.

    This reminds me of what Jesus said about the kingdom of God. It begins as a small mustard seed, and eventually becomes a large tree where birds (and other animals) can make their home. So it is with Christ. He is the kingdom. In the gospels, we can read about His small enterance into the world in a manger, as a seed. When we read about the cross, we read about that seed going into the ground. With the resurrection and Pentecost, we read about the new life of Christ that comes forth from the ‘seed’ that went into the ground. The ‘tree’ that comes forth from the ground is Christ’s multi-membered body. His body is us, and she keeps increasing and increasing. Just like people gasp in wonder when they get a sight of the grandness of that tree, the universe will ‘gasp’ when they finally get a sight of this massive Christ!

    Thank you for sharing sister:)

  3. Shanda, the first one reminds me of my childhood. My favorite place to be was up in a tree. I could be alone up there, thinking all my own thoughts, but also a place where I often talked to God. I prayed childish prayers, but I always knew that He was there – ALL the time. He is still there ALL the time for me and will listen to me each and every time I call out to Him. I know that He is always right beside me and feel SO Blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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