If NyQuil makes me loopy…

Last night, at almost 3am as the coughing was getting worse and the sleeplessness was making me crazy, my husband reminded me of the wonders of NyQuil. Since it was already 3am, I decided to take just half a dose. Apparently, within moments of getting back into bed, I was OUT.

A few hours later, his cell phone alarm went off. I woke up, handed him his phone and dozed off again. A “few minutes later,” I asked him what time it was… And it was more than 2 HOURS later. Apparently, I said many incoherent things which reminded me…

When I couldn’t sleep last night, I watched this hilarious video…

I’m pretty sure that if I ever have to have such an experience, I’ll probably react in a similar (or worse) way. If NyQuil makes me loopy… Well, I just can’t imagine.


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