a numbered list | november, autumn, 20 posts, diamond rings…

1. It’s November. I love November. It’s the peak of Autumn. And how can that NOT be good? It’s also the month I was born. And a month of giving THANKS.

2. Autumn is much more fun to say than Fall. Why is it that we have two names for this season and only 1 for the other 3?

3. I’m giving myself a new goal. 20 posts in November. I need to make up for the rest of my year.

4. Jon (that guy I married 7 weeks ago) wrote a blog post that I think you should read. It’s about why he did not buy me a diamond ring. (And why I did not WANT him to buy me a diamond ring.)

5. Yesterday, I finished officially becoming two things.
I am now a Tennessee resident with a Driver License to prove it.
I am now a Scherdin with a Driver License to prove it.

6. My DL picture looks a little like I’m drunk. (I’m not. She caught me mid-blink. So uncalled for.)

7. Story: While at the DMV, I was sitting two chairs away from 2 ladies. One told the other, “I like her scarf!” as she pointed at MY scarf. The other said, “Oh. Yeah! It’s pretty. I wonder where she got it. I’ve never seen one like that.” “Me neither!” They didn’t address me at all. They didn’t ASK me where I got my scarf. (Not that they could have gone to get one. It’s from India.)  When I tried to make eye contact, they averted. It was weird. They kind of ignored the fact that I was there, even though they were talking about me. And I thought, “We do this to the Lord so often.  There’s been such emphasis placed on knowledge (study) of Him. But he is right HERE! Willing and ready to be KNOWN and EXPERIENCED. But instead we talk about Him, like he’s just a book. Wonder about Him. Contemplate Him. Talk about things we like about Him…. Essentially, we wonder where he ‘got his scarf’  but don’t ask … and avert our eyes.”

8. My little brothers are hilarious. I can’t wait to hang with them at Christmas!

9. Numbered lists are my excuse to post RANDOM blogs. You are so welcome. ;)

10. I’m working on writing “Our Story.” It’s really about how death is an essential part of LIFE. 


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