one month // pictures // stay tuned

Our Wedding Celebration was one month ago, yesterday. It has been an incredible month and we have a lot that we want to share. Let’s start with some pictures of the wedding weekend. It was incredible. All of it. And so much of that was thanks to our Church Body here in Nashville and to our friends and family who spent the weekend with us.

To all who were a part of the WONDERFULNESS, we say a big… huge…


Our wedding photographer, Mary Rosenbaum, is amazing! Here’s a sample of her work:

When she’s worked her magic with all the pictures, there is sure to be more shared. For now though, here are a few shots snapped by friends at the wedding (as seen on Facebook).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned for a series of posts on the wedding (We did things differently and will talk about how and why.) and marriage in organic church life. Not that we’re experts. It’s been a month. But it isn’t just about us. It’s bigger than that.

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