glory and romance | ways you would never imagine

Those 26 days have passed. So have 17 more. And WE’RE MARRIED!

A lot of people have asked me a lot of questions like, “How is married life so far?” I thought I’d publicly say, “It’s awesome! I love it!”

But it’s funny. It’s LIFE. And in some ways, it just feels like the natural flow of LIFE and like it’s always been like this. (We’ll write more on that later.)
In other ways though, I’m reminded that it’s new. Fresh. A land filled with new discoveries.

I was thinking today about how much and how long I’ve LONGED for a partner, for love like this, for marriage… It just sounded and looked so glorious and… well, romantic! And darn it!!! I wanted glorious and romantic – and all that comes with it!!!!

There were a few times in my life that I thought the opportunity was there. This glorious romantic relationship just might be in front of me. I’d think… “Oh… It could happen.” “It might happen.” “It SHOULD happen…” (…because I know what’s best!!!!) And then it didn’t. Every single time. It didn’t happen. Actually, Jon (my husband) and I had that story as the beginning of our story. I thought it could/might/should happen! And it failed. And we both had to choose to die to ourselves and pursue Christ. And then a new friendship blossomed between us that HE breathed life into, in ways we NEVER could have fashioned on our own or in our time. HE did it. We did not.

And now we’re married. The life Jon and I now share is glorious and romantic. But it isn’t because it’s “married life,” it’s because it’s Christ’s life and HE is glorious and romantic! We are together by Him, through Him, to Him, in Him. He is the center. He is the everything. And all TRUE GLORY and TRUE ROMANCE are found there, where He is.

So, I write today to encourage you… Whether you are single or married… Long for Christ! Lean into Him and HIS GLORY and HIS ROMANCE. He will provide it in ways you would never imagine.


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