to enjoy the next 26 days and all of their busyness

I’m getting married in 26 days. And there’s a lot to do in those days…

There are marriage certificates and licenses to obtain.
There are several crafty projects to work on.
There is my apartment that I can’t seem to find the right person to move into and takeover my lease.
There is moving into Jon’s apartment and attempting to make it feel like OURS.
There’s work to do and to figure out how exactly it will get done when I’m gone for two weeks.
There’s… a lot!

And there have been days when all that stresses me out, a lot. I’m still curious whether a recent day of mysterious¬†hives covering my body was from stress or something else. I’m sure stress didn’t help.

It’s amazing though how much that stress begins to fade away when I stop and behold Christ… and I look at all he’s done to get Jon and I here, together, becoming ONE… and I think about our earthly marriage and how it is a beautiful shadow of the most beautiful reality of Christ and His Bride, the church… and I am honored to think that 26 days from now friends and family will gather from various corners of the country to celebrate and, with The Body we are a part of here, we will be able to paint a glorious picture of Christ.

And cake, pie, and cookies, flowers, smooth stones, fabric flags, ribbons, tree stumps… All these details that fill my mind… might be tasty and/or pretty… But they are not the reason we will gather or the things that we will celebrate. None of them make or break our marriage. None of them make or break a picture of Christ. And they will probably all come together and be lovely, but if they don’t we’ll still be married and Christ and His Love for His Bride will still be stunningly beautiful.

My goal is to enjoy the next 26 days and all of their busyness. And NOT to stress or worry over details. :)


4 thoughts on “to enjoy the next 26 days and all of their busyness

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