Life is crazy. Jesus is amazing. I’m overwhelmed by His goodness. And my life is surreal. // and the proposal story

At the beginning of this month, I sat in a room with some of my Nashville sisters (in Christ) and we all tried to remember what we’d done last year for the 4th of July. I couldn’t remember and then realized that I had landed back in America on July 2nd after 13 months of living on the other side of the world. I don’t remember anything about the last 4th because I was most likely asleep for the majority of it. Or maybe I was just way too tired to form any memories. When I mentioned that to my sisters and someone said, “Wow! That was exactly a year ago? It’s been QUITE the year for you!”

It has.

Let’s review…

I moved to Asia June 1st, 2010 and I planned to live there indefinitely. At some point in the year, God made it clear to me that my “indefinite” amount of time there would have a definite end that was sooner than I planned. I said difficult goodbyes. I landed in CA and then a few weeks later flew to TX (my two American homes), not knowing which of these two places I’d choose to live. I ended up back in CA and looking for a job. Reverse culture shock messed me up and the job market in CA wasn’t helping me out much either. In the midst of hitting dead end after dead end in the job search, Jesus was rocking my world in the church search. And THAT, is what led me to Nashville.

I knew a guy here (in Nashville), who was part of a church here, that was EXACTLY what Jesus was teaching me about. I came to visit in December. I decided this beautiful expression of the body of Christ (like I had never seen or experienced or even known could exist before) was worth a move across the country. I didn’t have a car or a job or much money left in the bank, but it didn’t matter. This was Jesus and this is what He had for me. In Him, it was DONE before I even knew it was starting. A month and a half later, I drove to Tennessee to live. A month after I got here, I started a new job. About the same time, I started dating that guy.

Three months later, that guy (His name is Jon.) proposed to me. It might seem crazy and fast. And in a way, it is. Mostly though, it’s been a long and slow process that started between us two and a half years ago. It’s been full of adventure, fun, some disappointment and hurt, beautiful healing and trust, more fun, a lot of love, and an increasingly evident amount of Jesus.

{I know you detail lovers are dying. I’m still being vague. It’s a long story. Complicated and full. I’ll share more. Over time. In slices. With lessons of Truth along the way. It’ll be better shared that way. That is how we lived it.}

Life is crazy. Jesus is amazing. I’m overwhelmed by His goodness. And my/our life is surreal.

61 days from now, I’m marrying that guy! He’s incredible. I am so excited to be his wife and to have him as my husband.

And yes, I know the proposal story is long overdue… So here we go, with an extra long post…

It was a Tuesday. We had a date night planned. While I was still at work he sent me a text message that said, “Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find me at Sevier Park after work. And wear your flippidy flops.” [I often wear heals to work and keep flip-flops in my car.]

I accepted the mission and found him at the park, sitting on a blanket, reading his kindle. (I love a man who reads! … Actually … I love THIS man who reads.) When I got the text, I assumed he was going to have a picnic there for us. He’s sweet like that. But as I walked toward him, I saw no food. I was hungry and confused. I smiled, said hello, and began to sit down. He said, “NO! Don’t sit there…” and stood and unfolded the blanket. I hadn’t noticed there were lumps where I almost sat. He DID have a picnic, and my favorite flowers, all laid out.

We ate dinner and chatted about our days and then cleaned up our food and dishes. I was thrilled with the evening at that point and fully satisfied that he’d planned a picnic for me. He said that he wanted to tell me some ways that he sees Christ in me and went through a list, reminding me of the truth of my identity. It was wonderful and such a blessing to my spirit. He then went on to tell me reasons why he was thankful for me and ended the list with “and for these reasons, and many others, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” And he held out a ring box.

The ring is a band with a vine on it. The vine is a reminder that Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, abiding in Him. Before Jon would put the ring on my finger, he told me to look inside where it is engraved with “thành một,” which means “one life” in Vietnamese. This is a reminder of two things: 1. Our two lives will now become one life together, as husband and wife. 2. We live by One Life, the life of Christ. We have no life apart from Him. [He had it written in Vietnamese because Vietnam is a very special place to me. I grew up in a Vietnamese neighborhood.; I have two aunts from Vietnam; it is the first country I went to overseas, and it changed me forever.]

The night was perfect. Jesus even filled the park with an abnormal amount of fireflies. (I LOVE fireflies!)

And have I mentioned that I am marrying that guy, Jon, in 61 days? He is my favorite!


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