I know it’s been TOO long since I’ve blogged when I can’t remember my password…

I have good reasons for the disappearance.

Here is one of them:

This is Jon. And that’s the ring he gave me last Tuesday night when he asked me to marry him.

I couldn’t be more delighted… or more ridiculously in love… or more thankful for the grace of Jesus and his perfect timing!

I’m even exceptionally grateful for the death that had to happen before life could fill our story.

… and I can’t wait until I have time to tell you more about it.

It’s a story worth telling!

PS I said “Yes!” 


4 thoughts on “delighted

  1. Shanda!!! I am so happy for you and would love to hear the love story!!! Is he from Nashville? I love that city…my mother grew up there and my best childhood memories are of time spent there with my grandparents!! So what’s the date for wedding bells??

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