Oh my word. It’s April 22nd. Time has flown. And I have disappeared (from here).

Life has been busy with work, moving, relationships, and a variety of adventures.

And I’ve been LEARNING. A lot.

And I’ve learned that, sometimes, learning happens so deep within you that you can’t really express it – at least not in a neat and clean way that can be compiled into letters and words and sentences and paragraphs of blog posts.

But I’m having a fabulous time, living a stunningly beautiful mess of a life of learning that is filled with Jesus, His body, lots and lots of love, and lots of letting go of the old and embracing the new.

One of the NEW themes/realities of my life is… FREEDOM. I don’t mean the freedom that comes from living in America. That’s… ya know… whatever. I mean, the FREEDOM that comes from living in CHRIST! (He, Jesus Christ, IS Freedom – by the way. There is no freedom apart from Him.) It’s not just a concept or a fact. It’s something to be known and experienced. And it is an experience that just kinda makes you wanna dance (even if you aren’t “good” at it)! :)

And speaking of FREEDOM… This guy is in Nashville and I’m going to see him tonight…

If something’s on your mind

Say what you need to say

And if you need to make a change

Go on and walk away

If something’s in your heart

You gotta let it out

Go on and show the whole wide world

What you are all about

I didn’t take a break from blogging on purpose, but I think it was purposeful. Jesus knew. I didn’t. I had to learn to live in Freedom (Christ), and to rest in it (in Him), before I tried to express things… before I was ready to let the world know what I’m all about.

Talk to you soon. :)


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