Jesus worked it out – beautifully!

On January 1st, I wrote a list of things I wanted and needed to do during 2012. Two months in, I’m glad to report 3 of those things have now happened!

I bought a car.

I moved to Nashville.

And today

I got a job.

One of my friends said to me today, “Hey! Remember that one time that you wanted to move to Nashville but you didn’t know how… and Jesus totally worked it out!?” I laughed and said, “Yeah! I remember! And yes, Jesus worked it out – beautifully!”

I’ve been learning, increasingly – for a while now, about my identity. I’ve said for a really long time that my identity was found in Christ. But, if I’m honest, I was looking for my identity in Christ AND in my doing (for Him). That’s changed. I now know that my identity IS Christ and nothing else. “Christ in you, the hope of glory” is my identity and my LIFE. (Colossians 1:27)

Throughout this process of moving and job hunting, this knowledge of identity has given me such freedom. It has reminded me that I am enough and that I don’t have to prove myself. I am free to BE as I am and whose I am, because Christ has placed His life in me and it is Him who brought me here, and He will provide for all of my needs in this new place, and always.

When Christ is everything, there is such rest and peace.  [He always is everything. We just need to recognize and live in that truth.] There is always provision and no reason for worry. (I have my moments of forgetting that, but it’s nonetheless true!)


One thought on “Jesus worked it out – beautifully!

  1. A month late… but I am excited to read your post! (I was actually hoping to share one of your posts with someone so I am catching up on the ones I have missed) I don’t have anything to add, but am so excited to hear others share how freeing it is to discover all that they already are in Christ and His calling to us is resting in trusting Him! So insert cheesy but truthful Yay God!! here :)

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