7 things | a numbered list

It has been a while since I posted a random numbered list… :)

1. I’ve lived in Nashville for almost 4 weeks! It’s still a bit … surreal.

2. I really do love it here! I can’t say that Nashville feels like home quite yet, but I can say that the community of believers I’m a part of here does feel like (and is) family/home!

3. I gave myself a goal of writing at least 10 blog posts a month. February will not be meeting that mark. Whoops. Maybe I’ll make up for it in March. Maybe.

4. I haven’t gotten NEARLY as lost here as I did when I moved to Texas. That may have something to do with having an iphone now… Or maybe this is a less confusing city than Dallas/Fort Worth. (I actually think it’s a combination of the two.)

5. Speaking of iphones… I had slippery fingers today and mine landed face down on the asphalt outside of the bank. Cracked. Shattered? If you were watching it all go down you’d have thought that either it wasn’t broken or this happens to me everyday. It fell… I watched it land… Picked it up… Looked at it (and saw that yes, it is broken)… Thought to myself, “Well that’s awesome…” Stuck it in my purse… And walked in the bank…

6. It still works. So, have no fear.

7. Come back tomorrow. We’ll talk about more important things… like Jesus! :)


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