Excerpt: “Community life in the body of Christ: Viewing shame, vulnerability, and worthiness in light of Him”

The following is an excerpt from a post co-authored by Jon Scherdin and myself. We published it today at his blog Hands Wide Open.

If we are built for community and the Christian life is supposed to be corporate, then why don’t we live in a way that reflects that? The reason is surprisingly simple. We don’t believe we are worthy. We don’t know the truth of who Christ is, and who we are in Him. And without knowing our true identity we live in the fear that we are not thin enough, rich enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, and so on. We believe the lie of the evil one, that we should feel shame about who we are and what we have done, that there may be something about us that if seen by others, would deem us unworthy of connection. These feelings, these fears, are extremely powerful. We want to be known, loved, and accepted, but we don’t believe we will be if we are fully seen. We live in fear of vulnerability and believe that the shame it may bring us will break us, when in fact, it is when we do not embrace vulnerability that we are hindered from living fully.

The post was inspired by an incredible TED Talk by Brene Brown. We were amazed at how the truths she expressed in it relate to the body of Christ. We believe that growing in our connection and vulnerability is vital for the church today and thus we think this is a very important discussion.

Please click here to read the rest of our post: Community life in the body of Christ: Viewing shame, vulnerability, and worthiness in light of Him.

One thought on “Excerpt: “Community life in the body of Christ: Viewing shame, vulnerability, and worthiness in light of Him”

  1. Hi Shanda! I really enjoyed your post. We were taught about our identity in Christ at Bible School and so I am so excited when I read others also have this understanding. After being taught it at Bible School it has still taken me a few years to be able to truly grasp more of the impacts and what it looks like in my life. It was hard to let go of my do and don’t list and actually just rest in Him. It was so freeing once I actually understood this and now I see it throughout the scriptures how He has done everything for us and enabled us to live this life through His strength. I could go on and on :) I still struggle with putting it to words though and would love to share it with anyone I run into. A few months I ran into a book called Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman. Have you read it? She doesn’t focus on community like you did, but brings out so many of the truths like you quoted from Ephesians. New Tribes didn’t focus on community in their teaching, but it was lived out by all the teachers and their hearts were completely focused on discipling in that way as we basically lived together, ate together, did laundry together :) I couldn’t watch the video (our internet is awful) but I am looking forward to looking into the book you quoted from! Hope things are going well!!!

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