religion | what if both sides are missing the point?

There is a video floating around that lots of people are watching. In a matter of 5 days, it has reached nearly 10 million views. Just give it a couple more hours… Oh viral videos! You make our world so interesting.

You probably know what I’m talking about. If not…

A lot of people are LOVING this video. A lot of people are speaking up against this video, at least in part.

What seems to be causing most of the controversy is the idea of religion. Did Jesus come to abolish religion? This guy thinks he did. Did Jesus come to establish true religion? Other people think he did.

I’ve shared previously that I have some apprehensions about the word religion. And since this video is causing such an uproar on the topic, I thought now would be a good time to start sharing more of my thoughts… as I’ve had some time to process and learn some more.

What if we’re coming at this all wrong. What if both sides are missing the point? What if Jesus did not come to abolish religion OR to establish true religion?

Jesus is life. Jesus brought life. And what if, in bringing life, He made religion null and void?

Today, I’m asking the question. In a few days… I’ll come back with more thoughts on the matter.


5 thoughts on “religion | what if both sides are missing the point?

  1. James 1:26-27

    I guess we would have to define religion so that we can be on the same page. I think what that guy is talking about is legalism and hypocrisy. I would agree that those things are wrong, but to claim that the institution of religion is wrong because the actions of the people are wrong is not something that can be so easily quantified. Yes, some religions are wrong. Also, some people following religion that is pure and undefiled are wrong. hmmm does that go against that scripture? I don’t think it does. It says religion that is pure and undefiled before God not people. Religion is an institution and it can be done right or it can be done wrong. People can be right before God doing the wrong thing (justified sinners) and they can be wrong before God doing the right thing (moral atheists). Think about that!! It is not religion that saves us and it never has been religion that saves us. Does that make religion wrong? I certainly do not think so. If religion is equated with the law then I think we can think of religion as a tool. Not to rule us, but to help guide us. So, I think that… Religion is a tool, not a weapon. Religion is a tool, not our refuge or shelter. Religion is a tool, not our salvation. Religion is a tool, and like everything else that God has given us we can use it for good or for evil.

    Those are my thoughts. What do you think? Agree/disagree? Did I miss something? Let me know.

  2. honestly i think that the argument or topic is kind of purposeless, or lacks weight if that makes more sense. Jesus fought against the legalistic ways of the pharases and saduces because they were focused on the laws and the power it gave them by enforcing them. to say that that means Jesus was fighting “religion” in any way is a bit of a stretch in my book. Religion is just there and will always be there if you’re focused on or loving something. The true hit or miss part of religion is just whether or not it’s God focused. That is the fact that makes it wrong or right. So, over all, i’d say whether or not religion is happening is a mute point. loving God and making him first in our lives is what matters regardless of whether or not one thinks they’re being religious in their pursuit of Him. My bet is though is if one is loving God then, in effect, they’re being religious no matter what they think.

  3. wow, now that i was actually able to watch this thing i have SOOO many issues with it. several twists or scripture and blatant disregard for context. Jesus>religion, of coarse. Jesus came to abolish religion? no he did not.

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