already done

Last week, I posted a list of 12 things I want/need to do in 2012.

It’s 10 days into the year now and I’m rather stunned to say, 1 of those 12 things is already done. A 2nd of those 12 things is in the works and will happen within a matter of weeks. Sometimes, Jesus amazes me. (Did I just say sometimes? I meant, all the time!)

– buy a car.


– move to Nashville.

          COMING SOON!!!!!! Really soon.

The day that I wrote that list, those two things felt distant and overwhelmingly challenging. At the same time, I knew that what Jesus is doing in my life would require that they happen.

The last few months have been a series of one thing not working out after another thing not working out. It’s been frustrating and, often times, discouraging. But at the same time, the last few months have also been very full of Jesus teaching me truths about Himself, truths about who I am in Him, and leading me to walk into new areas of trusting Him and living out Life In Him. As I continually sought His leading in my life and decisions, I felt more and more strongly that I needed to be heading to Nashville by the end of this month. “It’s just time.” And I was beginning to believe that maybe I’d have to jump in the hard way (without a car). I was willing to (but man, it sounded hard) and I was looking into it. And then, Jesus made the impossible possible.

On January 4th, I came home with a new [to me, and practically new in general] car that will soon take me to Nashville. If I had any lingering doubts that this was Jesus’ plan, they are long gone.

The day that I began the process of buying a car, a wise person made a very wise statement that I have been thinking about ever since.

Remember. This is what He [Jesus] wants. So, in Him, it is already done.

After I got the car, the next thing on my list to figure out was the answer to the “Where will I live?” question. It didn’t take long for that to fall into place. (I have a place to stay while I get on my feet.) Now the question is, “Where will I work? How will I support myself?” And I sometimes want to freak out about that because, I’ll be honest, I’ve been living on my savings a lot longer than I planned. There’s really not a whole lot left and that makes me feel – uncomfortable. But I really can’t freak out. I just have to remember that in Him, it is already done. I don’t know HOW yet. But it’s done. I have to trust, and I have to walk into it knowing that He will provide as He has so far. I also have to be responsible and do my part to figure out the HOW, but while I do that, I can find rest in trusting Him in the midst of every unknown that comes my way.

I know, I haven’t shared much about the story of the last few months or about WHY I’m moving to Nashville. That will come. I guess, I’ve just needed a while to chew it all up on my own before I plaster it on the internet for all the world to see and comment on.

But, for today, my point is simply this…

That process you’re struggling through that doesn’t always make sense, but you know Jesus has something to do with…
Remember. When it is what Jesus wants, in Him, it is already done. Find rest in trusting Him.

The answers might be coming sooner than you think is possible, or they might take longer than you hope (don’t forget… I’ve been trying to figure out what is next for MONTHS now), but either way… It’s already done, in Jesus. And with that, I breath a big SIGH of relief!


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