what draws people | you were interested in…

One of my favorite things about blogging is the ability to just CLICK and see what I was doing/thinking about/dealing with a year, or two, or six months ago. Another of my favorite things about blogging is that sometimes things don’t feel real, until I’ve SHARED them. And here, I get to SHARE some of them with you. I don’t write blogs to get blog traffic. I just share what is. And it’s always interesting to see what draws people here.

This year, well – last year (2011), you were apparently really interested in…

  1. what I would tell the 18 year old version of myself and about finding your identity IN CHRIST.
  2. my hilarious (and super cute) 18 year old brother and his college shenanigans.
  3. angry, broken, lame feeling moments in which God showed me that it’s okay to be honest with Him about my brokenness and that sometimes tears are a tool for His healing.
  4. the day my brother and I held a baby panda.
  5. the spontaneous choice to chop off my hair and donate it to locks of love.
  6. what it felt like for a nomad, such as myself, to do normal things with old friends.
  7. that it is actually possible, and I prove it, to be a shy extrovert.
  8. my contemplations on whether or not I am, or have been at any point, a religious person.

Thanks for reading. I’m excited for another year of sharing. Seriously, I think 2012 is gonna be GOOD!


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