12 things I want/need to do in 2012

In no particular order:

blog at least 10 times a month.

– get a job!!!!

paint 3 paintings (real paintings… on canvas).

read a lot of books that make me smarter.

cook at least one new recipe a month.

live IN THE NOW, trusting the past and future to Jesus.

run in a 10K and/or a half marathon.

– buy a car.

– move to Nashville.

– go to 2 new states (South Carolina and TBD).

turn 30 with grace and style.

– go skydiving.


Ready?! AND … GO!


2 thoughts on “12 things I want/need to do in 2012

  1. I think the hardest thing for you to do will be to turn 30…with grace and style? I mean…grace and style???? Maybe you should make it easier on yourself and just aim to have one of those…either grace or style. And you might have to get rid of some of the other ones so you can fully on attaining this one goal. ;)

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