thankful for 2011

2011 is wrapping up at, what feels like, an accelerated speed.

Tonight I thought back to what my life was like 1 year ago… It looked a lot like this and I was THOUSANDS of miles away from where I am now.

2011 has been a year full of some serious ups and downs. Like … seriously.

I think it’s probably safe to say that there haven’t been many years in my life that I cried as much as I did this one…

But I think it’s also pretty safe to say that I’ve laughed as much as ever!

My favorite part of this year has been Jesus. Seriously. I’m not saying that because I “should.” I’m saying it because it’s REAL. — I can’t explain it in a line or two or even ten but, this year Jesus has shown me things about LIFE IN HIM that I never saw before. And I know that there’s so much MORE to see…

So, I’m approaching the end of the year really rather thankful for 2011… for all the ups and downs… for the tears and the laughs… for the miles… and for the way I’m coming out of it all on the other side, with Jesus (and some REALLY awesome people, too).


One thought on “thankful for 2011

  1. Its so true! Jesus is all bright and shiny in you! Which is helpful for me, because I need people to point me back to Jesus when I’m all confused-like or melting down…which happened a lot in 2011….

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