{random picture post} | nothing really… but soooooo much!

Ommm… It’s December 14th! December is nearly half over. How did that happen? And how have I not blogged, AT all, in December so far!? I’m sure a lot of you are really disappointed with me. ;)

I went to Riverside and Anaheim this past weekend to see some dear friends from college days! Some of them asked questions like: “So, what’s going on?” or “What’s new?” or “What have you been up to?”

My initial answer usually comes in the form of a vague statement like, “Ohhhh… nothing reallybut soooooo much!” Which of course leads to a lot more questions and required explanations about the mysteries of the life of Shanda. My life really does baffle people at times. It baffles me too. Don’t you worry. But I also love it. Which makes sense, seeing as how it’s the life I’m choosing to live…

Anyway, it is that “Ohhhh… nothing reallybut soooooo much!” … that is making writing blog posts challenging. I’m still in a bit of a holding pattern. But I now know where I’m headed. I just haven’t figured out quite yet HOW I’m getting there. But I’m working on it. And waiting and trusting. (More on that in a later post. Coming soon. I promise!)

For now, I’m going to start with an easy photo dump/random picture post in which I will tell you a little bit about lately and remind you myself that I have a blog.

1. IMG_0765 2. IMG_0767

3. IMG_0769 4.  IMG_0784

5. IMG_0846 6. IMG_0789

7.  IMG_0697 8. IMG_0923

9. IMG_0933 10. IMG_0958

11. IMG_0959 12. IMG_0760

1. Chitty (my car) seems to have bit the dust. 2. I flew to TX and so did my Asia Roommate Ashley. I took her to In N Out! She loved it! 3. Ashley and I went to Kirsten and Daniel’s wedding in Dallas. (Kirsten is an Asia family member!) 4 and 5. I enjoyed some Texas sunsets. 6. I enjoyed some colorful leaves on my way to the airport to fly back to CA. I know Texas doesn’t REALLY get all the seasons, but they do have more than San Diego does. And I miss that. 7. My brother, Ben, played the piano like Ray Charles. 8. I drank a “local latte” that reminded me much of “the Tommy,” which may or may not mean something to you. It was made with local Tennessee honey and cinnamon. (This is a clue.) 9. I flew AGAIN and enjoyed the view from above the clouds, which STILL feels like a metaphor for my current state in life. 10 and 11. Lindsey took me on a geocaching adventure as a bit of a birthday extravaganza (a few weeks after my birthday). The adventure involved exploring a park and the back of a Target building, maybe looking under trash cans and around high voltage boxes and feeling through spider webs. Walking back and forth and back and forth looking for anything that might be our geocaching treasure while watching our conflicting compasses (gps on our phones) tell us that it wasn’t quite sure where we should go but that we were CLOSE. And while this all sounds kind of… not that great… and we kind of failed… It really was quite fun! I plan to geocache again soon! 12. I took more pictures of sunsets. Apparently, I like those.


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