Thanksgiving | {family, memories, wilderness}

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for many things. To start with, this is the first time in 5 years that I have been at “home” in California with my family for the holiday. I am thankful that I’m here to force my brothers (and Erica!) to take goofy pictures with me! I am thankful that I got to eat some of my Nana’s fantastic BUTTERMILK PIE! And my mom’s green bean casserole!

I am thankful for a season of living near some of my bffs…  being near the ocean again… And for mountains and trees… And San Diego weather! I’m thankful for the other families of friends I have sprinkled around the world… for the memories of Thanksgivings spent sleeping in hammocks and eating the best rice and beans you could dream of on the Amazon River… and for memories of my friends chanting “Shanda! Shanda! Sing a song! Sing a song!” and then singing “Fried Ham” around the table while eating duck and “corn bread” (corn on bread).

But, I wouldn’t feel honest if I didn’t tell you that life has been less than purely peachy lately. This transition time has stretched further than I hoped. And it’s been full of hiccups and questions and annoying circumstances and big decisions and huge paradigm shifts that are changing everything for me. Not easy. And not over yet. It feels much like a season of walking through the desert. And really, I am in a wilderness. God has shown me rich things that He is taking me to, but I’m not there yet. I am on my way… slowly, but surely. And in the meantime, He is supplying me with Himself – manna in the wilderness – and promising that there will be even MORE of Him on the other side!

So, at the top of my list of things to be thankful for this year: I am thankful for the wilderness and for the sifting and stripping down that is occurring in my life and heart here. I am thankful for Christ supplying Himself to me, and for the love and encouragement I am finding along the way, and for the richness that I know He is leading me to on the other side of this wilderness.

There have been days that JOY was very hard to find or choose. But it is returning, more and more. And I am filled with hope and excitement about what lies ahead. I know it is going to cost me things to get there… but it will be worth it, entirely. Jesus always is.

For an awesome article on seasons in the Wilderness, click here!


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