HAPPY Friday | get up and dance

Happy HAPPY Friday friends!

So, I’ve never seen my youngest brother dance – well, since he was an uninhibited little kid. But I imagine he actually has some pretty fantastic moves. I mean, the boy is a very skilled drummer, so he obviously has rhythm. He’s athletic, so he obviously is coordinated. So, I think he’s holding out on us because he doesn’t like being the center of attention. AND he probably would be if he danced because he’d be soooo good.

When I saw the following video, it made me think of my brother. Because I know he dances when he’s alone. So, I laughed – a lot. (Also, because this guy is super goofy.) [And I am not saying that this is how my brother dances… ]

So, in celebration of Friday. I think we should all get up and dance alone – at some point in the day!

P.S. I really envy people who can keep a straight face… I always burst into laughter. Sigh.


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