Sincerely, Me and My Jeans

Dear friends,

I have something I need to say to you. I just need to get really honest for a moment if you don’t mind.

Ever since skinny jeans became a thing, I’ve been making fun of them… or at least saying I didn’t like them and that I kinda thought they were dumb.

Well, I needed some new jeans (again – stupid running) and I also recently bought some new boots (because all I had for my feet were sandals and it’s not really sandal season… and tennis shoes but I’m not really a tennis shoes all day girl).

And you see, it was kind of hard to stuff my “boot cut jeans” INSIDE of my boots that come up to just below my knee. So, I started to see the practicality of a skinny jean.

I tried some on. And… I liked them. And… I bought them.

So om yeah… I own, and am currently wearing, skinny jeans.


I got them while I was in TX. And I texted two of my Cali friends (whose skinny jeans I have not always appreciated) and confessed to them. And then I said, “But now I feel like I need to apologize to all those whose skinny jeans I have made fun of. Except for boys. No apologies for them.” [Really, I still am not a fan of dudes in skinny jeans… but if it’s your thing… go for it, I guess.]

Anyway, the girls said that they would like their apologies in writing. So, I figured I should apologize to the world – in writing: I really am sorry. I shouldn’t have judged your jeans.

And here’s a particular apology to the girls…

Dear Anissa and Lindsay,

I’m really sorry that I didn’t fully support you in the choice to wear skinny jeans. Obviously, you’re just cooler than me, sooner than me. I now (mostly) understand. I can not give you the money you requested, but I am truly apologetic for my previous pokes of fun (in love!).

Thanks for supporting me as I cross over into your world.





2 thoughts on “Sincerely, Me and My Jeans

  1. I am completely with you on this HA! I thought skinny jeans were ridiculous – but I needed to buy a pair to wear with my cute new boots.

    However, (sorry to anyone I will soon offend) I still think they look weird if you wear the withOUT boots. Skinny Jeans and sandals/shoes look odd to me.

  2. Rachael, I agree. They are most appropriately worn with boots and I mostly have worn them out in such a manner. However, I’m getting more used to them and I’m not sure what will happen. Especially because they are the pair of jeans that currently fit me the best.

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