so very numbered list time | 7 unimportant things

It is so very numbered list time. Get ready to learn 7 unimportant things:

1. I am listening to this song at this very moment. I. love! it. Mixing together country and rap is the perfect combination of risky and genius! “And we like cornbread and bis-cuits. And if it’s broke around here we fix it…” But I don’t recommend that you try it at home. It probably won’t work out as well for you as it did for him.

2. Today, I went to the mall. An in and out quick trip (the only way I go to the mall unless by force) to get something I needed AND had a coupon for! It was raining. And I thought I parked in one place. But I didn’t. So, I walked around the parking lot – laughing at myself. There were a lot of people looking for parking and following me around. I’d look at them and shrug and wave them on. One lady rolled down her window and said, “I’ll drive you to your car if you give me your spot.” I said, “That’d be super but I don’t know where my car is…” Welcome to my life. I only forget things when it’s raining and hilarious to forget. I do it for entertainment purposes. You are welcome.

3. Sometimes, I do my hair in the morning and I think “Hmmm… Maybe I don’t REALLY have curly hair. Maybe it’s just been pretending. This is something, but it’s not curly.” And then there are days that it’s crazy curly (like today) and I stand in front of the mirror wondering how in the world it can be the same hair. Thus, I have decided my hair is schizophrenic  or has multiple personality disorder. Add to that the fact that I am pretty clueless about what color my hair is – and I clearly have some hair issues. {My confusion is not because I have dyed it so many times… I have actually never died it, really. It’s just turned into a rather indefinable color.} And somehow, all of that fits me.

4. Tonight I heard Donald Miller speak in San Diego. I would like to be friends with that guy. Not only does he love the beauty of a story, he’s got some legit stuff to say and some unique perspectives that challenge the status quo.

5. Next weekend, for 2 nights, I get to be roommates with my Asia roommate! I. am. so. excited! Honestly. And we get to go to our next door neighbor/family member’s wedding! Woot woot! And it happens to be in Dallas, so I get to spend time with my people there too! Blessings all around!

6. About that… Both the Asia chapter and the Dallas chapter of my life are closed. At least for now, and possibly forever. But you never know. I shall follow the Spirit’s leading day by day and who knows where that will take me to and from… But for now, there isn’t anything in me that feels like I should be living in either of those places. And that’s kind of a weird feeling, especially when you mix it with the missing of people. But it’s great! It’s exciting! That God has NEW things He’s bringing me to. It’s strangely freeing, while also bewildering… :)

7. In case you’re wondering, now I’m listening to Justin Bieber – Stuck in a Moment. If you inspected the music in my itunes, you’d probably be confused. I listen to this little dude because it’s full of fun Asia memories. Like my brother singing at KTV. So. Wonderful! Oh wait. Now it’s K’naan. Wavin’ his flag. :) Maybe I should watch some soccer now…


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