Just his breath. Just his presence. | Hero, defined.

As recently mentioned, I’ve been having a lot of “WOW”/moved to tears moments lately when it comes to Jesus. In some ways, it makes me sad that this isn’t how I’ve always been. I’m not saying that we need to always be emotional, but doesn’t who He is seem as though it would naturally evoke emotion?! I mean, if just ONE thing were to do so… Shouldn’t it be HIM? We should never be able to grow numb to His beauty. That just shouldn’t be possible. I should never stop being overwhelmed by the fact that I’m HIS and He is MINE! Never. And so I am SOOOO grateful for the increasing way that I am finding myself enthralled by Him lately… and I pray that it only grows…

Today, I was reading some in 2 Thessalonians. Chapter 2 talks about “The Man of Lawlessness” – the “antichrist” and then it talks about when Jesus returns and what will happen. I won’t explain the whole thing. You can go read it if you want to. {SO GOOD!} Verse 8: “And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will kill with the breath of his mouth and bring to nothing by the appearance of his coming.” That’s it. That’s all it will take. Just his breath. Just his presence. He is that RICH! That FULL! That GLORIOUS! That AWEsome!

Well anyway, my head and heart kind of spun thinking about this today. And I thought to myself…


This is Jesus.

This is the ONE to whom I belong.

Why in the world do I EVER struggle with TRUSTING this Jesus!?!?!?!

Maybe it’s because I forget, or haven’t understood, who He is.

I had other things I keep planning to post about… but today, I just want to keep thinking about Jesus… Really! Just his breath. Just his presence. That’s all it will take to smash “The Man of Lawlessness” when the time comes. Hero, defined.


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