as I more fully understand the words

I’ve been reading a lot lately, which isn’t unusual or surprising for anyone who knows me. But it’s been different. As I’m reading lately there are often tears that fall onto the pages of my book [or my kindle screen]. I see the wetness and THEN I realize I’m crying, unaware. Something about these words is stirring a longing in my soul that moves me to tears. It’s intense and beautiful.

I’m learning something about why I love, and need, words. You see, I’m wired this way. I need words first. For example, love/affection expressed without an explanation in words just confuse me. Without words, I have no idea what a hug means, or what a gift is for. I like them. I appreciate them. But I have no idea how to understand them. If a hug comes with the words, “I have missed you so much!” or “It is so good to see you!” or “Thank you for being here! It means so much to me!” then the hug takes on a life that wraps me up in warmth. Without those explaining words, I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do with the hug – how I’m supposed to understand it. If I’m given a nice gift, I appreciate it… but if it comes with a card that tells me why the giver cared enough to buy me a gift – that’s going to be the thing that I treasure: The reason. The words. The meaning in the words that are expressed through the gift.

And this is why I’m moved to tears so often lately, because I’m reading Scripture and books that talk about Scripture – about Jesus! And… It’s not that I’ve never read any of it before… But there’s something going on in the way I’m learning to hear and receive and understand the meaning of the words

And this love/affection God has been expressing, forever, is coming more alive to me as I more fully understand the words

Oh, how thankful I am for words…


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