Anissa | a sister like her around

Tomorrow is my friend Anissa’s birthday. She’s turning 28. If you come here often, you see her name pop up a lot. That’s because she is one of my bestest friends. (Yep. I said bestest like it was a real word.) It’s also because she is the person I get to see the most often these days, other than my family, and I am SO grateful to have her HERE with me in this season and to get to be HERE with her for however long God has us HERE…

I love Anissa for a million reasons but the biggest is this:

She knows that belonging to Jesus leads to a crazy looking life and as we walk, growing into Jesus, our crazy lives spill all over each other. And sometimes it gets messy. But we just wade through the mess together. And we kind of take turns getting distracted/overwhelmed by the mess, and when that happens to one of us, the other somehow helps to refocus on the beauty of Jesus…

I honestly think I’d lose my mind without a sister like her around me right now…

And so, because of that, and because she’s just SO DANG FUN!!!!! … I am so excited to celebrate her life this weekend! And am so thankful for her friendship and for this season of living CLOSE! :)


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