workout video

In case you’re out of the loop… I recently returned from a year teaching in Asia.

In the Spring, we had a break for – oh – about 7 weeks. All of us foreign teachers did some traveling, but Brittany and I decided to go home before anyone else. Our town was never very exciting, but during the Spring Festival it’s literally SHUT down! BOR-ING!!!! So, we came up with a lot of ridiculous ideas during that time. (I’m really good at that…)

One of them was to make a “workout video” showing how we get in a good workout while living in Asia (except it would be hilariously ridiculous/totally not real). Eventually, we got other people on board with our ridiculous idea and one Saturday we got up really early and spent the day going around town making absolute fools of ourselves.

We had grand ideas about editing it and putting it to music, but then things like our JOBS got in the way and it never came to be. I’m still hoping it happens one day. But, in the meantime – I decided it’s time that the public sees a few of our clips. Today, I will share 2. More may show up later.

{I’m not sure if this will be as funny to everyone else as it is to us… But I’m literally laughing until I cry as I watch these… }

Every afternoon and evening, people gather in all the squares to dance. It’s delightful. We tried, but we weren’t good at it… So… Well, just watch:

our Asia workout: jammin’

There might be several clips in which I fall. Some of them were on purpose. Some were not. It happens. And somehow, I’m still alive! My brother, Josh, recently explained to me why you never want to be “that guy” no matter what “that guy” is… You just don’t want to be him. Well, I think I was “that girl” at this moment. You know. The ABSOLUTELY OBNOXIOUS foreigner? I promise, I didn’t draw this much attention to myself on a regular basis… I mean, people stared no matter what. But, I didn’t make a habit of making scenes like this. And I kinda don’t like that I was “that girl” for a bit, but… oh my goodness… this is hilarious! (Despite the negatives of being “that girl!”) So with that disclaimer attached…

our Asia workout: when I was “that girl”

I might be SLIGHTLY embarrassed that I’m showing these… but only slightly. It’s too funny (to me) not to share. ;)


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