think different | boxes

Today, I watched this video:

Do you think differently?

On July 25th, flying from my Asia home back to my America home I wrote this:

I don’t like staying inside of boxes. I think the world is much prettier outside of them. (I’m not talking about cardboard here…)

That was probably one of the biggest challenges I faced here, living in a culture that often finds its identity inside of the boxes. People are taught to never think outside of the established boxes. They are taught that the world outside those boxes is a dangerous place.

I was told by the leadership of my University once that I needed to CONTROL the thinking of my students and not to “let them think too much.” I should not allow them to get too creative. It might cause a rebellion. Honestly. They said that. We also were told on another occasion that activities we wanted to do with students might make them TOO happy and that they might start riots as a result of their excessive happiness.

And, you may imagine… I didn’t much like being told such things. I’m an advocate for all of the opposite. I want my students to be creative, to think out of the box, and to be happy! I also want them to be smart and disciplined and not to be rebellious or to start riots. But, I’m pretty sure they are capable of doing all of that at the same time. I really often just had to laugh. This fear of thinking just seems so ridiculous to my mind and way of seeing things. But I took it as a challenge to creatively encourage THINKING and CREATIVITY as much as I could.

But now, as I’ve been anticipating the return to my home culture… one that, in many ways, values creativity and thinking outside of the box… I’ve found myself recognizing OTHER boxes that people in America live inside of… and those boxes frustrate me… But then I catch myself and I ask the Father to help me walk in humble grace and to see the boxes that I too have found comfort in staying inside. And I pray that He’ll continue to open my eyes and expand my vision and teach me to live a life that isn’t afraid to ask questions, to challenge the status quo, to go to new limits, to dream beyond…

So today,
I am challenged to think differently.
To be crazy enough to think that things can BE different.
And to resist the comfort of staying inside of boxes.
Not to create trouble for the sake of trouble…
But to not be afraid of the good kind of trouble… 

And that reminds me of a song:

Josh Garrels, Resistance


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