Happy International Sunday to me

I had a super day today. It was filled with all sorts of international-ness.

First, I was highly amused by this greatness:


I’m sure I’ve seen this place many times before and never thought a thing about it. But NOW, I find it hilarious. (A Spanish speaking Chinese restaurant?)

Next, I went with Anissa and her 11 year old nieces to the International Houses in Balboa Park, which apparently I went to as a small child but have no memory of. Anissa was mortified that I didn’t know what they were. We have now fixed that and I’ll likely go back again.

There are houses to represent different countries from all over the world. You walk through them and learn about the cultures, try foods, see traditional clothes, and maybe even talk to a person who is from there. Outside there are concerts, and all kinds of cultural things going on. As you walk through the grass you see people of every skin color you can imagine.

Perfect Sunday…
for a girl who still can’t get over how many white people she sees everyday!

We gave the girls a LOT of geography lessons! We ate Czech/Slovak potato pancakes! Mmm! The girls were given Chinese names and had them written on papers to keep. (The China house was their favorite!) We all had our names written in Hebrew and talked to an adorable old Jewish man from New York for quite a while. We learned about the wars between Turkey and Poland from a man with an AWESOME polish accent. The girls decided that all the traditional dolls were creepy and they would NOT want them in their room. We learned that in Norway they put sour cream on waffles, with jam or fruit. And we tried it. And it’s GOOD.

IMG_0634  IMG_0636  IMG_0638  IMG_0642

Next, Anissa, Dana, and I went to Happy Hour Sushi Sunday! Mmmmmm.

Then! One of my good friends in Asia chatted with me and asked if we could talk, so we did on skype on my phone. So. Great! I went back to my – “I must speak in complete and clear sentences. I can not use any contractions.” I taught him what “My foot is asleep!” means and what cinnamon is. He told me that he REALLY misses my french toast and syrup! We talked about our lives. And, he asked if I could send him some new pictures of me and my family and the things I’ve been doing. I did. He emailed me back and said that he had a picture of the two of us.


So. Cute. :)

Happy International Sunday to me.


One thought on “Happy International Sunday to me

  1. ummm this is an incredible blog post. and It WAS a very happy and international Sunday! I almost missed it in all my whining. thanks for bringing things into perspective sister! LOVE YOU!

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