7 random things you need to see/know/talk about

1. Do you know what MUMS are? I did not, until I lived in TX. They do some weird things in TX. I would put MUMS at the top of the list. It’s homecoming season. So, I’m seeing lots of MUM pictures popping up on my facebook. (I’m not sure why I feel the need to put it in all caps. But I do. MUM!) I won’t show you the fb pics, but let me pull a couple off of google image…

This is a MUM:

AND people WEAR them to Homecoming! To the game, AND to the dance!

Why is that cool????? That’s all I want to know.

My friend Kacie is equally baffled by this phenomenon and tweeted this link which explains some of the history AND some of the current ridiculousness… “With so many features, a mum can cost up to $500. Not surprisingly, savvy entrepreneurs, mainly women, have taken advantage of the opportunities, spawning a multimillion-dollar industry of cottage mum-makers, supply retailers, and manufacturers of ribbons, trinkets and other mum necessities.”

If any of my high-schooler friends in Texas are reading this… I hope your Homecoming was fantastic! And if you had a mum, I hope you enjoyed it! I just don’t understand them. Some things only make sense to Texans.

2. My friend Emily posted this picture on her tumblr and I like it.

3. This is what I’m buying you for Christmas:

Thanks for the idea 22words. My friends will really appreciate it.

4. Please watch this video. The girl is A) So cute! B) A bit of an emotional rollercoaster… but in the cutest way possible!

5. I really appreciated Jon Acuff’s post recently about disappointing the right people.

In your life, you’re going to disappoint people, people who want your time or your input or your attendance. And often you won’t be able to give it to them. But it’s okay to disappoint people, as long as you make sure you’re disappointing the right people.

You will disappoint people. That’s going to happen. There’s great freedom in realizing that.

It’s very true. And a very good reminder for me. Coming back to the states there are lots of ideas being thrown at me all the time. Lots of “good things” I could do. But I must remember that every “good thing” is not necessarily “God’s thing” for me. So there’s a lot of… “Wow. Thanks for thinking of me. That sounds really good. But… No.” … kinds of conversations.

6. I LOVE this family and this little boy might be one of the cutest kids that has ever lived. Read. Thanks for sharing, Loswhit.

7. My brother almost makes me wish that I was in college again. I mean, look at this fun…



3 thoughts on “7 random things you need to see/know/talk about

  1. I laughed out loud at that woman sipping from her straw. Awesome.

    As for the mums, my tweet was inspired by the high school girls I work with and all their current homecoming photos. Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous.

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