25 little bits | awkward situation

1. I love having friends who are willing to put themselves in uncomfortable/awkward situations for you.

2. Anissa and I have recently been taking turns doing that for/with each other. THANKS ANISSA!

3. I think my “uncomfortable situation” took the cake though. She’s SUCH a trooper!

4. There’s a long story involved here, but telling it in full detail is a bit complex so, that’s not going to happen… little bits, you will receive.

5. I’ve always appreciated people who are different than me, which is good because MOST people are. :) But, I’ve recently been learning a lot about that in some different ways. Apparently, there are some people who I have valued less than others – in certain ways/areas – and Jesus is really working on that in me.

6. This has involved me having long and random conversations with strangers who, quite honestly, I find annoying (that’s partially a reverse culture shock thing and partly a personality thing) – and who, also honestly, might be a little bit crazy. But valuable. We must remember that. :) God has been clearly using one said person to teach me some things. So, I gave her my phone number and agreed to do some things with her.

7. My friend Lindsey tells me I am the only person she knows who would give my phone number to a person who I find annoying and who might be a little bit crazy. This really is not the first time this has happened. It kind of happens a lot. (But don’t worry, I do know how to say NO. And I do that sometimes, when the situation requires it.)

8. So, I was invited to go to this thing some people she knew were doing and she thought I would be into. I asked if I could bring a friend (because I wasn’t quite sure what this would turn out to be). Anissa – unexcitedly – agreed to go with me. Because she is a GREAT friend.

9. As it approached, we were pretty sure it was either going to be REALLY awesome or super crazy… “ummm… let’s get out of here.” I was hoping for the awesome.

10. It turned out to be much more on the awesome side than on the super crazy side. I was really glad we went. Jesus was the focus of the night and I’d say everyone there heard from Him.

11. BUT there was a weird element to it – though not at all one we were expecting.

12. One of the selling points this new friend of mine used to “convince” me to come with her was that there were going to be a lot of awesome Jesus loving dudes there. That didn’t make me want to go. Finding a dude is not on my list of priorities in life right now.

13. We got there and walked into the back yard of this house and it’s me, Anissa, my new friend, and 7 men. 7 men. No women. And my new friend is significantly older than them and “out of place” and I’m pretty sure she only went to get me to come.

14. I was suddenly EVEN MORE grateful that Anissa had come with me.

15. At the end of the evening, Anissa and I left, encouraged and glad we went. We drove up the coast for a couple hours to spend the next day with Lindsey.

16. A few minutes into the drive I got a text message from my new friend. It said, “So which one do you like?”

17. WHAT?!?!?!

18. Anissa thought this was hilarious and we decided something we had kind of suspected already…

19. This totally was a thing for men and some how my new friend wedged us in, hoping to get me “set up” with one of them.

20. That is SOOOO awkward.

21. My response was, “They all seemed cool. It was fun to meet them.”

22. But my real response was, “I don’t like ANY OF THEM. I don’t even KNOW them!”

23. This is my life.

24. This lady really is great. She loves Jesus and cares about me – a random stranger. (I think she’d like to plan my life a bit actually…) But I promise she’s not crazy in any REAL crazy ways that should worry anyone, just in ways that have made the last few days kinda funny. ;) (And she won’t be planning my life, although I really do appreciate her care…)

25. I recently learned how to say “awkward situation” in Chinese. I think I should probably learn how to say it in every language.


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