8 random blurbs

1. I feel as though twitter has become the place where many of my “random numbered list” remarks have found their way, making random numbered list posts less common here. You may or may not appreciate that fact.

2. People often tell me things like, “There is no one else in the world QUITE like you, Shanda!” I’m starting to believe that, more and more. I really am quite an eclectic mix of personality, life experience, education, and affinities… and it’s only getting to be more so.

3. I have an affinity to the word affinity.

4. Tomorrow I’m going to see a member of my Asia family. It will be so good.

5. Tomorrow I’m also going to see my original roommates. It will also be so good!

6. I’m temporarily taking driver-ship of my old car, that I gave to my brother when I moved to Asia. But. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (That’s her name, which he REFUSES to call her.) is mad at me [and getting old]. And she only seems to work for a maximum of 3 days at a time. Currently, the issue seems to be a hose. HOPING it’s the last issue for a while. And continually thankful that I have another brother close-by who knows how to fix Chitty’s ailments.

7. I think it’s fun to say Chitty. Say it.

8. If you are not here/if I have not seen you recently… I miss you. Seriously. I really do. Come hang out. Now. Please. [Well, not NOW. I have to go to bed soon. And not tomorrow. I have plans… but… {Who am I kidding, you’re not coming so I can just stop now.}] – – – I, of course, do not miss you if I don’t know you. But I’d love to meet you. Unless you’re a creeper/badperson. So, creepers/badpeople – STAY AWAY. The rest of you, COME!


7 thoughts on “8 random blurbs

  1. 1. Random blurbs are great
    2. twitter is great
    3. affinity is a great word
    4.That is an excellent name for a car
    5. I said it, that was fun
    6. thank you for that.
    7.This post is great
    8. Thank you for missing me. HA ( i don’t know you by the way)

    • 1. Hi there. Nice to “meet” you.
      2. You’ve scored 1.5 automatic cool points.
      3. One point is because you responded in a numbered list format and I’m kind of a big fan.
      4. The .5 is because your name is apparently Josiah, which is my favorite boy name. But you only get .5 of a point for it because I’m fairly certain you didn’t pick it out yourself. But you’re smart enough to keep it. So, your parents get 1 cool point and you get a half.
      5. Thanks for saying Chitty. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. 1. Nice to “meet” you too.
    2. Only 8.5 to go !
    3. Kind of a big fan ? Why not just admit you are a big fan !
    4. .5 is better than nothing. In a way i did pick it, because had I been a girl that would not have been my name.
    5. You’re welcome
    6. why didn’t you continue to 8 ?
    7. Perhaps it is because you are short on time ? Its okay, I’m writing this as I go out the door.
    8. Chitty…..never gets old !

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