Jerry Maguire taught the world lies.

I, for the time being, have the luxury of being able to sleep in. That really just means that I have the luxury to stay up really late reading. Last night I stayed up [till 2:30am] finishing a novel (Remember by Karen Kingsbury). I borrowed it on my kindle from my friend (Asia Sister) Brittany. It’s a part of a series. This was book 2 of 5. I was hesitant to start reading because a series of novels all at my disposal (if Brittany continues to share) will inevitably suck me in and distract me from reading other things that I want to be reading, but I did it anyway because I wanted to … escape into a story.

Buuuuuut… last night, towards the end of the book, I found myself annoyed and while I’ll probably eventually get over it and read the rest of the books [I’ve begun to care about the characters as though they are my friends. Do you do that?] I’m glad to be annoyed by them for a while so I can get back to my other reading.

Why am I annoyed? I’ll tell you.

Because Ryan told Kari (characters in the book) “… the only time I’m ever whole is when I’m with you.” AND “You complete me, Kari. You always will.”

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! {Eyes rolling! Arms up in the air!}

Maybe this is, once again, me being finicky about word choices. But seriously, I think Jerry Maguire taught the world lies.

Why Jerry? Why did you have to say that?????

I have gained much and lost much in my life. Relationships. Possessions. Reputation. Respect. Success. They’ve come, they’ve gone, they’ve come, they’ve… What I have learned is that none of the gains will ever make us more complete and none of the losses make us less complete.

Completion is a job that ONLY JESUS can do.

I’m single. AND. Believe it or not, I am complete. Sure, I would really love to have a person to walk through life with who compliments me and I hope, someday, that I will… but completing me is never going to be the job of a man, and I will never accept the position of completing another. (Maybe that’s why I’m single?) It’s too much pressure for a person. It is the job of JESUS. He made me. He fills me. I’m complete.

Now, I know some of you have said these words – “You complete me!”, or some form of them, and I appreciate your sentiment. I really do. You’re in love. You feel more alive and all that other mushy stuff. And that’s beautiful. But maybe it’s because you COMPLIMENT each other, not because you COMPLETE each other. That’s probably what you meant, just not what you said. Again, I’m finicky about words. Don’t take it personally.

Complimenting is a beautiful thing.

Completing is an unhealthy expectation for anyone who is not GOD.

And that’s what I think about that… Since you asked.

P.S. The first time I watched Jerry Maguire, I was in 8th grade on a plane to Washington D.C. I thought it was so romantic when Jerry said those famous words. I hoped someday someone would say them to me. Oh 14-year-old Shanda… Now, if someone said them to me I would probably respond with, “Aww… That’s nice… But I really don’t complete you…”


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