spontaneous hair chopping

(Dear Dudes, Welcome to a glimpse into the life of a girl!)

I’ve been saying for months that I HAD to get a haircut. I waited though because I wanted a GOOD haircut (from someone who knows what to do with curly hair – and, trust me, not everyone does!) and I wanted it to be cheap and I had no idea where to go for such a commodity. I also was being a bit indecisive, as I often am about my hair. Do I want it long? Do I want it short? I just don’t know. So I waited. And it got LONG. And then yesterday…

I woke up and got ready for the day and looked in the mirror and thought to myself, “I can not live with this MESS of hair one more day!” I called my mom at work and asked, “What’s the name of that one salon where I got that one haircut that I loved?” She told me and I googled it and called… but the number was disconnected. So, I got in my (mom’s) car and drove to it. “Gone!? Ugh. Now what? I MUST CUT MY HAIR. Now!” I decided to drive around and find somewhere – anywhere (but not a super cuts or fantastic sam’s – I’ve had bad experiences).

At my 3rd shopping center, I found a promising looking place. I went in and found it was not a bad price and they had time for a walk-in. GRAND. This is going to happen! A very friendly lady invited me to her chair. I sat down and she asked, “What are we going to do with you today?” I hadn’t actually decided that part until THAT VERY MOMENT when I found myself saying, “Let’s chop it off!” She says, “What do you mean, chop it off? To where?” I point to my collar bone, like right below my shoulder. She says, “Wow. That’s a lot of hair off. Are you sure?” I said, “Yeah. I’m tired of it. Take it off.” She says, “That might be enough to donate. Do you know about locks of love?” I say, “YES! I have always wanted to donate to them… but I never get quite to that point since I have layers.” She says, “Well, let’s measure it.” We’d have to go a little shorter than I said to get the required 10 inches. So I told her, “Well… let’s do that then.” I think she thought I was crazy.

So… I went in with my hair about like this…

  IMG_0369 oddfellows 003

and I came out with my hair looking like this…

hair 2  hair 3.

I love it. Spontaneous hair chopping is my favorite! (This is not my first time and it probably will not be my last.)


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