post-Asia | changes include

Today, I talked to one of my Asia Family members. (I do that lots of days.) She mentioned that a friend/mentor of hers recently pointed out that she has changed. She’s different post-Asia than she was pre-Asia. This should be expected. But it’s interesting to see HOW she is/we are different.

Both of us have become more direct. I guess it’s because, in our East Asian home, people are NOT direct. They beat around the bush like it’s their job. Honestly, it gets frustrating at times because… well, we’re American. We want people to JUST SAY IT! So, I think we reacted by becoming MORE direct – hopefully, when appropriate (but probably not always). And if you ask anyone on the team, they’ll tell you I’m the most direct of us all. I don’t remember anyone ever describing me as such before but maybe I was and I just didn’t think about it? It’s definitely very true now. If you want to know what I think, ask. I’ll tell you. (Or don’t ask. I might still tell you.) Unless I don’t want to, then I’ll tell you THAT!

Other changes include:

– I hate wasting. I reuse things. I try not to buy more than I actually will use (and actually NEED!).

– I think it’s okay to wear the same outfit more than once (possibly in a row). I try to remember that other people around me do not agree. But sometimes I think that’s stupid, so the rebel in me does it anyway. (This is becoming less frequent.)

– I’m much more conscious of trash and I try to make less of it. (When you WATCH people burn your trash right next to your house everyday, you realize the effects it has on the environment and suddenly start to feel a lot more responsibleat least I do.)

– I crave vegetables.

– If I go a few days without spicy food or rice, I feel like something very important is missing from my life.

– I don’t always want to talk to people. Sometimes, I’m quiet – with nothing to say. (This seems to make people think there is something wrong. There might be. But probably not.)

– I want to walk places if they aren’t too far away.

– I’m cheap(er than I already was). I think everything is way too expensive here. And it’s not only because I don’t have a job.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Have you noticed any other changes?

Well, of course… then there are all the inside/heart changes that are a lot harder to articulate… So, I’m not even going to try today.


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