apparently, the word “religion” freaks me out | why?

Okay. So, a lot of people read my “Yeah, you’re religious” post yesterday.

Sometimes I forget that people actually do read this and when I remember, I’m suddenly freaked out. You see, this is not a perfected place. This is a place where I process. That means, I’m still IN THE PROCESS of processing when I hit “publish.” I really might be wrong sometimes. (Which also happens on occasion when I think I’m done with a process… but that’s another story…) So, it’s okay to be speaking out of an unsettled, and sometimes wrong, place… As long as we all know it could happen…

Some thought provoking comments have been made and conversations had as a result of my yesterday’s post.

So here are my thoughts today:

I’m big on WORDS. They have a lot of weight in my world. And… apparently, the word “religion” freaks me out. That’s kind of odd, seeing as how it’s IN THE BIBLE. Honestly, I’ve never really stopped and processed this – the fact that it freaks me out combined with that it’s in the Scriptures. So, I guess it’s time to stop and think

Why am I freaked out by the word “religion”?
And what does the Bible say about it?

I’m not actually going to post the answers yet. I need to think some more about the first one and I need to look more at the 2nd. But in the meantime, know that I’m processing [this, and oh so many other things]. And I’ll be back later to discuss.

For those of you that are asking good questions, thanks. I’m glad we’re friends.


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