types of deaths

There are, of course, different kinds of death.  Some of us will die to the dream of graduate school or artistic accomplishment or marrying rich (of course, no one I know ever thinks about that) or children or health.  But every death is an opportunity, an invitation to embrace God if we do not give in to bitterness and self-pity but see our brokenness as a reflection of his on the cross.  We cannot approach God in pride and self-sufficiency and still have any hope of knowing him or the meaning of his grace.  In dying to ourselves we give up the lordship of our own lives and thereby make space for his.

Kathryn Donovan Wiegand in Finding God at Harvard

I could make a rather long lists of the various types of deaths I’ve experienced, even in just the last year… or the last few months…

In them, I see more and more my need for Jesus… and the beauty of his grace…

Even today. And probably tomorrow.

I pray I will walk through them well…


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