shaping experiences

While I lived in Texas, I had a lot of shaping experiences and they came in a variety of forms.

For a few years I spent most of my Saturdays in an inner city community in South Dallas. I was invited by some friends to go and serve and share life with people in the community there. Soon, I had families expecting to see me walk in their front door – without knocking – every Saturday. We were friends… family even… and we learned much from each other. I enjoyed seeing God’s work develop in this community through an organization called H.I.S. Bridgebuilders.

Before long, Laura, whose husband is the president and co-founder of Bridgebuilders, began mentoring/discipling me. We served together on Saturdays and met weekly and talked about God’s word, read through books together, and shared life – decorating for Christmas or just praying through struggles and joys. I was so very blessed that she was willing to share who she was and what God had done and was doing in the life of her and her family.

While I was in Texas the last few weeks, Laura and I were able to get together for lunch. She gave me a tour of the new Bridgebuilders facility and while I was there I was able to see a few of my old friends. It was such a blessing to see how our Father is working and blessing all that they are doing for His glory in a community of Dallas that became very special to me.

I am so thankful to know Laura and Mike and to have been influenced by their lives and by their ministry. Being there made me miss serving alongside them but also reminded me that we really are all in this together – near and far. I’m thankful for the way my time there shaped me and equipped me for things to come.

Check out this video [It’s full of my friends.] and be encouraged and challenged to live intentionally, bringing transformation to communities.


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