I’m an old sister.

I’m a sister. Did you know that? Yeah. You did. Because it’s one of my favorite parts of being me. So I talk about it. A lot.

I have two brothers. They wear bow ties. (This is a recent development/obsession.)
They look at me funny. (This has always been true!)

Ben and I grew up in a Vietnamese neighborhood,
hung out in a Vietnamese church,
shopped at a Vietnamese grocery store,
and ate a lot of Vietnamese food.
Josh was born into the fam a bit later and we moved when he was pretty young,
but the love for Vietnamese-ness is still a part of our family and has always been a part of his life too.
The three of us are convinced that we might be part Asian.
We do actually have two Vietnamese aunts — which confuses a lot of people for some reason.
There’s really nothing confusing about it. Our dad’s brothers both married Vietnamese women.

So, with this being a part of who we are…
When I came “home” one of our first family nights was filled with Pho and fish sauce.
{I’m drooling looking at the pictures!}
My mom loves it too! (And our dad was probably the biggest fan of all!)
Ben’s girlfriend, Erica, loves it too
(which is a good thing because I’m pretty sure it’s a requirement for anyone who wants to join our family)!

I love my family and all of our multi-cultural-ness (among many other things!).

Also to be noted… My brother, Josh, is a READER. He bought two books with his own money – because he WANTED to read them. A sure sign he’s growing up. AND one day, I needed to get out and decided to go read at Starbucks. I asked him if he wanted to join me. He said, “I guess I can give it a try!” Walking in with his book in hand (the same book I was reading on my kindle!) he said, “This is the first time I’ve ever GONE somewhere to read… Or brought a book with me somewhere other than school!” And, he liked it. So, we did it again.

This is what sisters are for… Helping little brothers to grow into who they will be!
(Book readers who sit in Starbucks on occasion??? Maybe.)
And taking pictures of the process and posting them on her blog!

He’s a college man now. Moved in a couple of days ago.
I’m an old sister.


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