at 1am, I’m wishing

1am and I are not getting along well this week. I find myself meeting 1am very tired but wide awake. Once this happens, my mind begins to spin and then I get overwhelmed and emotional – and that sure doesn’t help sleep. I guess 1am is also when and where I’m most alone to actually think and process and deal with life – and I need that time, I guess.

I’m traveling now. This week I’m visiting one of my favorite people – Jenny C. And I am loving getting to step into her life here in west TX for a few days. And to laugh! We’re really good at laughing. Next week I’m heading to Dallas – where I lived life for a few years before Asia. It will be so good to be there with friends I so very much love.

But at 1am, I’m wishing I could just sit in a pretty place with no people around and just cry to the Father and listen for His voice – with no distractions. I’m wishing I could just hurry up and get to wherever I’m going. And I’m wishing I could sleep.


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