5 things on my mind

1. You may have noticed… I like words. Really. I love them. [Not just because I like to talk.] I love how these letters and sounds come together to bring meaning. There’s so much beauty to be wrapped up with words. So much possibility.

2. I currently have two words that I use to describe my present state of life.

One is for when I am feeling positive: meandering. Doesn’t that sound pleasant?
With it, I have mental pictures of a winding river, butterflies, and just… exploring… seeing where the Spirit takes me and what He does along the way.

The other word is for when I’m not feeling as positive: floundering.
With that word, I picture a fish with a hook in its mouth, flopping around, outside of its element, scared to DEATH about the unknown that is coming its way.

3. My friend Anissa and I have a lot in common. We have this weird thing that somehow our lives are always filled with massive amounts of parallels – as we repeatedly go through similar things at similar times. It’s really kinda creepy. But, we also have a lot of differences. Last night we discussed one of them – our taste in men. So. So. So. Different. Hilariously so. (And we’re grateful for that, really.) We went to this thing and Anissa noticed this guy and she told me afterwards, “I kept thinking: you are so cool, and so interesting, and you look so good in those pants!” I laughed and told her, “That’s hilarious. I was thinking… I guess you’re kinda cool and stuff but, man, I seriously do not like your pants AT all!!!! They pretty much negate any coolness you might have.” So, if you know any interesting single men who love Jesus and like to wear skinny jeans – send them to Anissa. NEVER to me. That’s all. (P.S. If you’re a dude who wears skinny jeans, don’t take this personally. We can still be friends.)

4. I’ve started running again, after a – too long – break. So, I decided to use couch to 5k which is an app you can get on your phone or ipod. It starts you off slow, doing intervals of running 60 seconds and walking 90 seconds. And I’m excited to say that – even though I hadn’t run much recently – it’s too easy. But, I’m doing it anyway because it’s fun to do easy… and I like the progression so I’m stickin to it anyway. I like having a lady in my ear telling me when to run and when to walk. I also really like running in San Diego. It’s so beautiful outside. Who needs a gym!? The hills do sometimes present a challenge, but that’s good for me – and more fun than stairs. Anyway, my goal is to run 3 miles, 3 days a week and that happens to be the point that couch to 5k takes you to – after 9 weeks. Then, eventually, maybe I’ll try that training for a half-marathon thing again. [I say things like this here because then people know… and I feel more compelled to actually do them.]

5. I’m going to Texas next week and I’m pretty excited to see everyone there! :) I am not exaggerating when I say, I seriously have some of the most amazing friends on the planet! And I’ve missed them – lots!


10 thoughts on “5 things on my mind

  1. I mean….they were nice pants. And they weren’t “skinny jeans” (were they??). They were just nicely fitted pants… :) This makes me sounds really shallow and slightly inappropriate. MOST importantly, he loves Jesus and sings like heaven is coming down to earth…..the well dressed-ness was simply a bonus.

    • Yeah. They were black skinny jeans-ish… Maybe not typical JEANS… But typical way too tight – like such. I know because he was RIGHT in front of me for like an hour and they bothered me.

      • on 2nd thought. it’s really pretty lame that we’re having a conversation on my blog. oh well. I guess we’re not “the cool kids” after all… ha.

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