my day

7:20 – wake up
7:30 – take mom to work
8:00 – eat cereal, drink coffee, read from Jesus Storybook Bible
8:30 – research about refugees in San Diego, look at jobs and apartments
9:00 – wake up Josh and then get back to it
9:20 – wake up Josh again and then get back to it again
9:30 – get 2nd cup of coffee and keep at it
10:45 – tell Anissa I’m gonna be late
11:00 – leave the house at the time I was supposed to be at her’s (but it doesn’t really matter since we’re pretty much just chillin’) and talk to Brittany and Ashley on the way
11:30 – get to Anissa’s house
12:15 – eat at 5 guys
12:45 – walk around PB (pacific beach)
2:00 – sit on the beach, wishing I had pants and not shorts on because it’s really kinda chilly… but I guess I’ll just use a towel as a blanket

…… that’s it so far. My point really is (because I’m sure you’re wondering, if you’re still reading)… I’m not really doing anything and… I’m trying to just use this time well – whatever the heck that means… and know that it’s a season and won’t last forever… I’m trying to keep choosing to enjoy it rather than stress and/or worry about the fact that I’m not really doing anything.

next up: hot tub

… And then back to the internet where I’ll try to find ways to live my dreams of helping people and making Jesus smile… ;)

For now, I’m looking at this – while blogging from my phone:


Have fun at work!


2 thoughts on “my day

    • Already did. In Dallas. There were no job listings online in San Diego that would fit me at all. But I am actually planning on going down to the office here tomorrow to talk to them. :)

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