6 random things that have happened recently

It’s been a while since I’ve written a random numbered list. It’s time. Here are random things that have happened recently:

1. I learned that it’s a lot harder than some might imagine to give a high five while jumping on a trampoline, but it DOES bring a whole lot of laughter to me and my 8 year old cousin, Miss Erica! :)

2. I met the kids Anissa is now nannying and when I said bye the younger one said, “Bye Sharanadan…” and I said, “No. Shanda. Say Shanda…” And he said, “Okay… Bye Flat Cow. I’ll see you later Flat Cow.” Where do kids come up with this stuff? (He’s really cute! And I think he was inspired by “How Now Brown Cow” and really, who WOULDN’T be inspired by that????)

3. Whenever I’m in public places and I see kids… I automatically want to talk to them in that other language I tried to speak on the other side of the world. I’m pretty sure it’s slipped out a few times to some cute little ones, but they don’t really notice.

4. I also start to speak that language when I run into someone. I guess I got really used to saying dui bu qi… (sorry).

5. I have this super friend, Emily, who is a really talented artist and has lots of other really creative and talented friends. I adore that. Soon, I think I’ll write a post showing you what Emily is doing RIGHT NOW (because I think it’s awesome). But for now, that’s not my point. She had some art being shown at a cool venue the other day. There were bands, live art, AND it was next door to one of the coolest coffee shops I’ve ever seen. She invited me and I invited Anissa. Parking was scarce so we parked a bit of a distance away, prayed we wouldn’t get towed, and headed over to the spot. While we were walking, I looked down at my shoes and said. “I can’t decide if I like these.” And Anissa gave me a funny look and said, “Did you buy those in Asia?” I said, “No. I bought them yesterday at Kohl’s because they were $10 and I have no shoes.” She made another funny face and I said, “Does that mean it was a bad choice?” And she said, “I look at your shoes and I think… Yeah, she just lived in Asia for 13 months.” I laughed SO hard. And for some reason, that made me like them more. (Although, I was probably supposed to move in the other direction.) What do you think??? Besides that I should paint my toenails.

6. Not too long after the above events took place, we got a little confused about whether or not we were walking the right direction. I whipped out my handy dandy smart phone with gps and looked. I also started to cross the street. A car was coming. Anissa grabbed me and pulled me out of the street. A man walking by said, “She just saved your life.” And I laughed (because that’s what I do). And my first words were not, “Wow. I could have just been hit by a car. Thanks for saving me!!!” Instead, I said… “It’s so weird that EVERYONE around me speaks English.” Apparently, I’m more used to being almost hit by a car than to having random strangers talk to me in English. Seriously. For the last year and some, I’ve been almost hit by a car about 10 times a day. No big deal. 


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