a normal thing that friends do

The first week I was home I heard from one of my college roommates (Tawni).

These girls – my college roommates – are a special breed of friend. The kind that turn into family. Ya know? [I really have a lot of friends in that breed.] How did I get to be so blessed?

She told me that her son and Rachel’s son were having a joint 3rd birthday party. And I was invited. And I was HERE. So, you better believe I wanted to go!!!

I know it might seem silly. I just got into the country a few days before. I was still dealing with some jet-lag and it was 1.5 hours drive away. And it was a jump house party for little kids. Not quality time for big people that I hadn’t seen in a while. But it was normal. A normal thing that friends do with their friends’ kids. And I never get to do those things. Because I’m a nomad. Or whatever.

And I went. And it was great. And I loved it. But it was weird. But it really was great. The weird part was just that I’m kinda weird. I was (and am) reverse culture shocking a bit. I felt awkward. I felt like other people felt awkward around me (but that might have been in my head).

There was a moment that I thought to myself, “Wow. It’s like I’m inside their blogs.” And then I felt…
Because most of my knowledge of these boys, and even their mama’s day to day lives, is from reading their blogs. The boys don’t remember me from one visit to the next. They have no clue who I am, really.

Sometimes, all of that is hard and I read their (mama’s) blogs and I find tears in my eyes. Because I love these sister-friends and I love their kids – though I, honestly, mostly know them from a distance. So, I wish that I could be in multiple places at once. But I can’t. And that’s not easy but it’s okay. And it’s worth it. If I was here. I wouldn’t have been there … or THERE. And my life wouldn’t be becoming whatever it is becoming, what God made me for. I’m sure of it. Even though my life often feels so – unsure.

But while I’m here… whenever I’m here… and for however long I’m here… I will soak up all of THIS:

[There were a lot of other parents and kids to enjoy… I was too busy soaking it up to remember to take pictures of them all… Most of these are stolen from the blogs (and facebook) that I did end up inside of: here and here.]


2 thoughts on “a normal thing that friends do

  1. Miss Shanda, I’m sure you’ve been told this by many already, but you are a phenomenal writer!! I really wish we would have been closer pals at CBU.

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